Wealth-X Reveals New Intelligence on Global Private Jet Owners

The Spotlight on Private Jet Owners examines the wealthy population that wholly own private aircraft, as well as those with fractional ownership, across a range of characteristics, enabling a deep understanding of who they are as a group.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated economic and social developments, the market for private aviation has been largely resilient. The wealthy use private aviation for both business and leisure travel, benefiting from the flexibility, security, privacy, and status it confers.

Registered Private Jets and Wealthy Populations

Key findings of the Spotlight on Private Jet Owners include:

  • The global private jet market is dominated by North America, chiefly the US, with Europe as the second largest market.
  • Full jet owners are, on average, $50 million wealthier than fractional jet owners.
  • UHNW jet owners are male, self-made, and slightly older than the average UHNW individual.
  • Very light and large jets are owned by wealthy individuals with a younger profile.

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