Crypto Investment and the Wealthy  

Wealth-X Report Reveals New Insights Into Wealthy Crypto Investors  

Amid hype, volatility, controversy and opportunity, the cryptocurrency (crypto) sector and ecosystem continue to grow rapidly. The sector, worth an enormous $1.8trn2, has produced a sizeable number of new wealthy individuals. As crypto moves towards the mainstream, it is gradually gaining popularity among wealthy individuals as an asset class in which to invest. 

This report takes an in-depth look at the wealthy – defined as individuals with a net worth of $5m or more – who are professionally involved or have an interest in the crypto sector. These wealthy people are either entrepreneurs in the sector or are investing in crypto as part their wealth planning and investment diversification strategies. 


Wealthy Crypto Investors are Different  

What are the characteristics of individuals who have become wealthy because of the crypto sector and what do wealthy individuals with a general interest in crypto look like?  

The report looks at these two unique groups of crypto-focused wealthy individuals and explore the extent to which they differ from one another and the general wealthy population. 


Key insights explored within Crypto Investment and the Wealthy are:

  • The age and gender of wealthy crypto investors  

  • Passions and hobbies beyond crypto including a slightly greater affinity to charitable giving than the general wealthy population 

  • Interests including technology is particularly pronounced among wealthy crypto compared to the rest of the wealthy  

  • Self-made wealthy individuals appear more likely to be open to investing in crypto  

  • Among the crypto-focused wealthy, entrepreneurialism is even more pronounced  


Crypto Investment Among the Wealthy Definitions and Wealth Source

To gain insight into the wealthy individuals who are active in the crypto sector or who have a major interest in crypto, this report leverages the unique and proprietary Wealth-X Database, the world’s most extensive collection of curated research and intelligence on wealthy individuals.  

Crypto Investment and the Wealthy is a critical read for organizations that prospect for or engage with wealthy individuals and want to gain a better understanding of how their clients and prospects invest, as well as insights into their interests, passions and hobbies.