2017 global UHNW alumni rankings

Understand the True Major Gifts Potential of Your Global UHNW Alumni

Our report reveals the global universities with the largest populations of ultra-high net worth alumni as well as their total net worth and giving potential.

2017 Global UHNW Alumni report sample

On average, 23% of the UHNW alumni population's wealth has international origins

What You'll Find In The 2017 UHNW Alumni Report

  • The global top 20 universities by UHNW alumni
  • Wealth analysis, including source of wealth and a breakdown of domestic vs. international origin of wealth
  • The top 10 universities by billionaire alumni and their combined wealth
  • The top 20 universities, outside of the US, by UHNW alumni population

Key Findings

  • Harvard University tops the list with the highest UHNW alumni population and highest total net worth for its UHNW alumni, which includes 131 billionaires, representing 5.5% of the global billionaire population.
  • Five US public universities are featured in the global universities alumni ranking
  • Just one of the global top 20 is a non-US university
  • Gender representation is highly skewed, with male dominance in all institutions in the report. In almost all cases this characteristic is even more pronounced than the male-female ratio in the UHNW population as a whole

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